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Office: 6300 Haskovo, Rakovski Boulevard next to block 9, complex 'Mineral', floor 2

On duty SOD: (+359 38) 661217
Phone/Fax: (+359 38) 664879

Contact person: Deyan Yordanov, manager

E-mail: ris999@abv.bg

In 1994 the Haskovski County Court registered the company 'R.I.S.-999' on the basis of company lawsuit No. 915. The company performs security activity according to the Law for private security activity after article 5 paragraph 1 and 2, point 2, 3 and 4. The company has received one of the first authorizations issued by 'Haskovo Regional Direction of Interior Affairs' (or 'RDVR Haskovo' in Bulgarian).

'R.I.S.-999' is one of the leading security companies in the region.
The company has solid and stable positions in the security market. The personnel in the Department 'Physical security' are former employees of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior. They are up to 50 years old and carry out their duty in special uniforms with distinctive signs and badges. They are armed with combat firearms and have modern communication equipment.

Accomplishing faultless activity, correctness, strict order and discipline the company has earned the trust of its clients including:

  • Cigarette Factory Haskovo;
  • Irrigation Systems;
  • Municipal Markets Haskovo;
  • PorCredit Bank J.S.C., branch Haskovo;
  • 'Matev' Ltd. and etc.

From the spring of 1997 the company begins also to perform security services with technical means in Haskovo City and the region:

  • offices and notaries' offices;
  • warehouses and market places for fruit and vegetables;
  • warehouses for cloth and textile products;
  • warehouses of Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, alcohol drinks and etc.;
  • sewing mills, tin factories and etc.;
  • financial institutions - CB 'Biochim' J.S.C., CB 'SI Bank' J.S.C., ProCredit Bank, echnage offices and etc.;
  • commercial centers, fuel stations and etc.;
  • private estates.

The personnel in the Department 'SOD' (Alarm System Activity or in Bulgarian - SOD) are selected from individuals up to 35 years old, who are former or present athletes and members of Sport Club 'Mulnia' in Karate Kiokushin (The manager of the company is one of the founders and trainer in the club) or are selected from actively engaged in sports individuals with good constitution and figure.

In that very moment the company secures over 650 sites with alarm systems on the territory of Haskovo Region.

In 2000 on the basis of a contract with 'GPS Info Net' (a protege of the insurance company 'Euro Ins') for security of cars and valuables via GPS, 'R.I.S.-999' reacts with its own mobile patrols on the whole Haskovo Region.

Over 90 automobiles are secured on the territory of the region.

The company has Operative Analytic Center on 24 hours duty.

The company also design alarm and fire alarm systems, video surveillance and access control systems.

In the moment 'R.I.S.-999' is the only one security company which has a radio-frequency license for Haskovo Region and has developed the only one licensed private SOD for security of sites via alarm systems and via GPS of cars with immediate reaction of specialized auto patrols. The company possesses its own cell phone network and cooperates in many directions with the Ministry of Interior and insurance companies.

'R.I.S.-999' has signed a contract of mutual interest with the Insurance Broker House 'Ins Brok' Ltd. for full guarantee of the property of clients of 'R.I.S.-999' with preferential conditions.

'R.I.S.-999' is one of the founders of National Association of Technical Security Companies.

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